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  Today 18 April 2014   

Company Profile

Our company, with its technoligal equipment for the 21st century and as a FIATA member, has been giving service to importers/exporters as an international land transporter since its foundation in 1985.

Our import services from Germany, England, West and Northern European
countries with Italy as a base to customs in Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Bursa, Gebze and other cusoms elsewhere and our export services to the same locations are completely on-time and safely conducted with fully owned 75

RANTRANS initiated door-to-door service in June 1996 and has been in service with its special custom-zone in its 4500 M2 ware house facilities in Samandira under the name of Ran Sirketler Grubu which co-exists with Ran Sigorta Aracilik Hizmetleri(insurance company) and Ran Gümrük Müsavirligi (customs clearance consultancy firm)


The essential targets of RANTRANS whose principle is `real quality`, one of
the instruments of competiton-outside the fees, are CREDIBILITY, ADEQUACY, CONTACTABILITY, POLITENESS and UNDERSTANDING THE CLIENT.

CREDIBILITY, each and every correct information helps production,
distribution and sale programmes of the client, that`s why we only tell the truth, therefore we gain trust.

ADEQUACY, thanks to our door-to-door service we solve every problem the client might have within the shortest time from one-hand.

CONTACTABILITY, with our efficient staff in local and foriegn offices, every
piece of information is made available to you.

POLITENESS, to be able to cooperate with our fully professional and expert
personnel who are repectful and sincere.

UNDERSTANDING THE CLIENT, to transport client`s goods as if our own and to be in service with this psychology and really listen to what the cleient says.

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